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Avoid Failure in a Fake X-Ray Prank


When you have decided to go for a prank that is so amazing and so amusing — just like a fake x-ray prank — you already know that you are all set for a fantastic moment with your friends and family as you carry out a gag that is incredibly fresh and totally crazy, you will end up having that surreal moment of pulling off a prank that is just so shocking and wild!

Reveal your wacky side while pulling off a unique prank that you have not imagined pulling off in your lifetime! The common and time-tested pranks are lovely to perform of course, but there is a special kind of enchantment on a Fake X-ray prank.

A Fake X-ray prank is highly effective because getting an x-ray is quite common for us these days. It is unlikely that your target victim will doubt or question the very fact that you had an x-ray — they will surely believe that your X-ray is legit right there and then!

But just before you deliver your script and dive into the pool of hilarity, the risk of them finding out that everything is just a joke may be high if you are using a really fake-looking x-ray or if you are planning to include a used x-ray and DIY-ing it to make it look legit.

Spare yourself from all the hassle and risk of having an epic fail prank. Use a Personalized Fake X-ray from FakeABaby and you can sit, back, relax and just lose yourself in an amazing prank that can only be achieved with a brilliant prank item such as a personalized fake x-ray.

You're gonna love every minute of your fake x-ray joke! Why? Well… why not?! Imagine being able to add your doctor's name, patient's name, clinic name, date of x-ray and the option to put the bone which was broken. Extreme!

Image Source: Comfreak / 427 images Pixabay Creative Commons CC0

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