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The Most Effective Way to De-stress


Being busy is definitely becoming 'normal' to most, if not all, of us these days; and it's undeniable that we all tend to get super stressed-out and tired from the deadlines and loads of maddening tasks that keep on piling up. Indeed, in order to get the most out of our life, we multitask and go through so many actions. Not that being driven and hardworking is wrong — because these traits often takes us to success and fulfillment — but there is no denying that we do get overwhelmed and frustrated once in a while. It is certainly normal.

Before you give up or even contemplate on giving up, make sure to do everything and anything to keep yourself inspired and recharge your tired spirit. There are plenty of ways that you can do to bring back the passion and fun in you. You can go on a holiday, go shopping, go on a movie marathon, and the like. But the big question is , “Who's got the time for that, and who's got lots of cash to burn for that?” Tricky, right?

If you want to escape from all the madness temporarily, without having to spend many days of being away and without spending your savings or maxing out your credit limit, pulling off a gag can be the most refreshing thing that you can do and may perhaps become the most effective way for you to regain your vigor, motivation and interest in your current workload… and in your life!

There is gonna be hundreds of prank ideas that you can pull off while using a prank item and gag gift from FakeABaby! The wonderful FakeABaby prank items are all excitingly, unbelievably real-looking and absolutely fun, so long as you intend to use it for entertainment purposes only and that you are only doing it to feel revitalized and pumped up from all the laughter and giggles! Let us take you to a magical time with the magic-like ability of our prank items in yielding a false positive, convincingly!

A fake pregnancy test prank is a funny joke to pull on your roommates and friends. Pee on it and it will produce a false positive result, making your pregnancy confirmed in no time!

fake ultrasound prank is great for your parents and siblings! Try to show them a copy of a personalized fake ultrasound with your name and realistic medical facility details, and even provide a doctor's name and drive them nuts!

Want to shock your husband or friend who's arriving from a trip overseas? Wear a pair of the FakeABaby huge silicone boobies and confuse them with your new set of boobies!

Need a sick leave? You can initially prank your colleagues and boss with a fake x-ray showing a bottle up in your ass...And that you needed some time off from work. Well, they will never ask you again and attack you with so many questions — they will find it too awkward (or disgusting!) haha!

Browse through our fantastic prank items and let your creativity and hilarity flow!


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