Adding Style to Your Prank –


Adding Style to Your Prank


Give it up for an exciting fake pregnancy gag gift that will make your prank funnier and more shocking!

The Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy is one of the hottest FakeABaby items that guarantees an amusing time for you and your prank victims, allowing your fake pregnancy joke to be more realistic and more convincing!

Our wonderful fake pregnancy tests, fake ultrasounds, and fake pregnancy bellies are realistic enough. Thousands of our satisfied customers could attest to the quality and authentic look and feel of our items that are versatile enough to be used for pranks, bachelorette parties, gags, films, stage plays, for raising awareness, social experiments, and fashion purposes; but speaking of pranks, our Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy will surely make your pranking setup more amazing as it is a perfect add-on to an already fantastic fake pregnancy gag gift!

If you decide to pull off a fake pregnancy prank towards your mom, dad, siblings or aunt, transform it into a bigger and more hilarious prank by adding a Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy to your fake ultrasound prank! Show them a fake ultrasound with the Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy attached to it, and have fun with the mixture of their reactions. Make your family prank an unforgettable one!

Use a Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy to add zing to a fake pregnancy test prank that you are planning to pull on your hubby or boyfriend on April Fool’s Day! Show him our fake pregnancy test kits that always yield a positive result, alongside this Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy and discover if they'll be happy, shocked, worried, distraught or all of the above! This is the best and the funniest 5-minute prank ever!

And if you simply want to induce shock, then by showing this Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy document is enough to pull off a simple yet successful prank that will make everyone shout with so much astonishment and surprise!

Check out how fascinating this Personalized Fake Proof of Pregnancy gets, for entertainment purposes, and how exciting it is to customize this funny prank item!

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