Valentine's Day Pranks 2018 –


Valentine's Day Pranks 2018


This Valentine's Day, expect that there's an overabundance of sweet Valentine's Day pranks and other ideas for your special someone. You won't get enough of them, that's for sure! Planning for a memorable Valentine's Day can be overwhelming. There are the simple and intricate ones. There are those timeless ideas, and the much bolder and unique concepts. There are heartwarming ideas and there are those that evoke shock. No matter how you choose your Valentine's Day surprise will be, the essence of showing your love to someone is driven by love and affection — and that is really something!

Make that 'something' extra memorable by holding a Valentine's Day surprise that is infused with hilarity and fun. Of course, you can still pull off that classic and lovable treat for the Cupid's Day but the occasion will surely become an unforgettable one if you carry out a humorous Valentine's Day surprise... or better yet, pull off a Valentine's Day prank that will take this coming day of hearts a notch higher!

Surprise your significant other with a Valentine's Day treat that will surely leave them excited! If you're in a long distance relationship, prank them that you've recently got a boob job! Send your photo via social media, and leave him perplexed and seduced! Or, you may simply get your guy more drawn to you than ever before… by showing up on your candlelight dinner with a more svelte and hotter figure, thanks to the FakeABaby Huge Silicone Boobies! Look glamorous like the Hollywood celebs and be proud of your enhanced curves that won't only heighten your confidence; it's gonna intensify your beau's attraction for you even more!

Single and feeling a bit wicked this Valentine's Day? Carry out a crazy Valentine's Day idea and put your parents and siblings in a very confused state by wearing skimpy clothes and the FakeABaby Silicone Bra inserts that will make your boobs seem bigger. They'll be baffled if you really got a boob job or something!

Be a proud bombshell this Valentine's Day! You can also show everyone a sexier and more curvaceous figure with the FakeABaby Silicone Butt Pads! There’s no need for a painful and expensive butt surgery! Get an ala-Kardashian butt and be gorgeous instantly on Valentine's Day!

So whether you're single and ready to be mingle, have chosen to be single, married, engaged, in an "It's Complicated' situation or in any other status, one thing's for sure: you'll have immense fun and will have huge confidence this Valentine's Day 2018 by trying the funny Valentine's Day pranks from FakeABaby!

Image Source: Bru-nO / 3530 images via Pixabay under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

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