Top Valentine's Day Prank Ideas –


Top Valentine's Day Prank Ideas

In need of a Valentine's Day Prank to spice up your love life, to celebrate being single, or to simply have fun on Valentine's Day? FakeABaby has an amazing collection of the best and the brightest Valentine's Day prank ideas that are also effective and best value, which are guaranteed to not waste your time and effort!


These days, we need to be practical. Well, it's just right to go for an elaborate and expensive prank--but after pulling it off, what's next? We believe in 'keeping it simple' to bring out the raw fun and fresh laughter from your significant other, family member, friends, and prank victims. When a prank is simple enough and carried out in the most convincing way then a genuine kind of fun and entertainment is in store for everyone. All you need is a simple but massively fun item that will serve as the heart or 'engine' of your prank idea...and that is a FakeABaby item for sure!

A fake pregnancy test joke for a Valentine's Day prank is timeless. What else is crazier and more outrageous than a fake pregnancy announcement using a fake pregnancy document or a fake pregnancy test kit that yields a false positive? Nothing is more shocking than this! See your partner's reaction as you show him the test that says 'Positive': Will his reaction be a positive one? Or a negative one? Either way, this is a fun prank that also slightly unleashes the fact on whether or not your significant other is a keeper!


Prank your partner that they are not the biological parent of your child, and that your baby daddy is Liam Hemsworth (oh no, Miley!) or it's Jason Momoa! Use the guy’s name that you've been fantasizing about and turn your dream into a reality with the FakeABaby Fake DNA Test prank, haha!



A fake ultrasound prank or a fake sonogram video prank will also turn out to be the best Valentine's Day Prank. How? Well just imagine how your partner reacts when you send a copy of your 'baby' in the form of a fake ultrasound via chat. Or, to make it even a bigger Valentine's Day prank, why not post one of our realistic fake ultrasounds on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—without any caption—and be all set to be bombarded with all the congratulatory messages and puzzled reactions!


For non-pranking purposes, seduce in the sexiest way with a new set of boobies—without surgery! Wear the Fakeababy Silicone Huge Boobies and astound them with your hourglass figure. Whether you are wearing a skimpy outfit or you're sporting an oversized shirt or jacket, your boobies will stand out with the realistic volume and perk of our wearable silicone huge boobies!

Boost your confidence with a boost on your derrière! Try our FakeABaby Silicone Butt Pads and Shapewear and look sexier instantly even if you have a straight or boyish body! We admire body acceptance, self-love, and body positivity of course—but if this is something that would at least provide a great, positive impact to our self-esteem then go ahead and order our gorgeous shapewear!

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