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Notoriously Funny Fake Pregnancy Tests

In pulling off your next prank, you can be sexy, notorious, naughty and funny all at once... with a FakeABaby Fake Pregnancy Test!

A fake pregnancy test prank is a lovely way to have a slightly crazy (but definitely sexy!) joke which can tremendously shock your prank victims, sans the gore, too much effort and huge costs. There are of course plenty of ideas to evoke terror and shock during a gag or a funny antic, but what makes a Fake Pregnancy Test Prank really stand out is how it can amazingly stir so much shock, pain, distraught and terror without actually having to create an elaborate setup and without the need to prepare for a complicated pranking plan.

If you fancy taking your prank to the next level, without having to double your efforts for an intricate setup, then you should go for a Fake Pregnancy Test Prank! FakeABaby offers different fake pregnancy test kits that always yield a positive result. Quality, funny and interesting, our fake pregnancy tests look realistic enough — just like the ones that you see in the hospitals or at a nearby drugstore! The packaging, labels and the test itself all look very legitimate, so all you have to do is to control yourself from giggling during the process of pulling off your hilarious Fake Pregnancy Prank!

Add an element of fun and shock to your party by carrying out a Fake Pregnancy Joke. Show the "new fake pregnancy test" to your cousins or a group of your friends, go to the bathroom, and get out of the bathroom holding the indicator that shows the positive result. And astonish them!

Holding a bachelorette party? Give the "classic fake pregnancy test" to everyone, and let the test kit make everyone pregnant!

Feeling mischievous and wanting to treat your hubby or boyfriend into a sexy and naughty joke? Surprise him that you are expecting by showing him the "super new fake pregnancy test" result. And have fun as the whole scenario progresses!

Get your Fake Pregnancy Test Kits now from FakeABaby!

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