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Playful Fake Bellies


Enjoy the best and most realistic fake pregnancy bellies on Earth, only from FakeABaby!

FakeABaby has an extensive range of fake pregnancy belly and fake bumps, to meet any type of needs. Our fake pregnant bellies and maternity costumes look so real; your mom, aunt, granny, sissy — or even your OB — will never doubt the authenticity of your fake pregnancy announcement prank! Always used for entertainment purposes only, you'll be surprised that there are other plenty of ways to use our wondrous fake preggy bellies and fake bumps that look so real, you're gonna have a tremendous time with the rich and amazing experience wearing one!

Our fake pregnancy bellies are most often used on pranks. Wanna shock your sissy who you haven't seen for months? Welcome her with a big hug… and a big tummy! Feeling naughty to pull off a prank on your hubby? If he's been away for several months, greet him with your sweet kisses at the airport… with a huge bump! Are you holding a grand party, reunion or a big celebration? Wear a fake pregnancy belly and let them get amused or bemused by the whole situation — who among them will have the guts to ask how far along are you? LOL!

Many film productions, stageplays and movies have used our high-quality fake pregnancy bellies and maternity costumes. Our Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly is made of first-class flesh-like silicone, so it looks and feels very real! Whatever pregnant character you wanna portray, it's guaranteed that you'll have a truly authentic experience wearing our impressively convincing fake pregnant bellies!

Do you intend to spread awareness about teen pregnancy and similar issues? Raise awareness, create an understanding in the society and include a realistic fake belly from FakeABaby to make your whole setup and campaign more convincing! Also great for social experiments!

For those who are into surrogacy and want to keep your decision a secret, our fake pregnancy bellies will be a huge help to you and your family. Say bye to issues and gossips! Lead a peaceful and happy life!

Choose between our fabric and silicone fake pregnancy bellies. The silicone bellies come in two exciting colours: Flesh and Mocha

Come and get your captivating fake pregnancy belly

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