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Fake Pregnancy Belly and Surrogacy

We all know that a fake pregnancy prank is highly recommended, if and only if, it is used for entertainment purposes alone. A lot of women, and even men, have pulled off a legendary fake pregnancy prank that has made their victims, as well as their prank spectators’ snicker and snigger with a mixture of irk, getting annoyed, shocked and flabbergasted. Even the most famous celebrities like

Sharon Osbourne made a fake pregnancy announcement on April Fools. Ellen DeGeneres made a prank with a fake ultrasound. Or you yourself could be planning for a fake pregnancy joke this Christmas. But did you know that faking a pregnancy can be used way beyond the naughty nature of gags and pranks,? That some women, even the Hollywood A-listers use a fake pregnancy belly or even fake a pregnancy not for a silly prank or a wacky joke, but to conceal an adoption or surrogacy?

There are actually doctors who have admitted that there are private individuals and high-profile celebrities who use a fake pregnancy belly while they are paying for surrogacy. This way, they appear that they have actually conceived. Some had problems getting pregnant, thus they opt for surrogates to have their babies. Others can get pregnant, but do not have the physical capacity to maintain a pregnancy, thus they choose this path to become parents.

Whether they are not not physically capable to conceive, choose to have a surrogate in exchange of not ruining their attractive skin and figure, or have any other reasons, the use of fake pregnancy belly isn't only intended to be used for funny antics, but it can also be utilized for a more meaningful purpose.

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