Christmas Party Must Have –


Christmas Party Must Have

Santa's coming - and so do your adorable, charming and endearing relatives! Hashtag sarcasm!

Come on, you don't have to deal with them in a troublesome and quarrelsome manner! Actually, you can give them a taste of your very own cruelty, while still maintaining your poise, taste and class. So you can take revenge, in a sweet way, while still making them feel special. Use one of the gag gifts from Fake a Baby and rock their world this Christmas!

Twin Fake Pregnancy Belly Prank


Wear a fake pregnancy belly prank and a fashionable maternity dress. Don't talk about your "fake pregnancy" yet when your relatives arrive. Enjoy while they stare and stop themselves from asking you about your pregnancy. You'll be surprised who among them would have the courage* find synonym to drop that magical question of "Are you pregnant?". Be ready to say, "Absolutely! I'm carrying twins!" :D :D 

Fake Pregnancy Document Prank

Order a fake pregnancy document, with your name, pregnancy term and other details. The "lab certified" sticker with an embossed seal will make it even more convincing. Post it on your fridge door, and let your aunt, uncle and cousin be confused if you're really pregnant! 

Fake Boob Job Prank

Known for having a teeny-weeny cup size? Or are you popular for being someone who's super scared with blood? Eek! Wear a pair of fake silicone boobs with a very tight top and shock them with your big boobies! They will be surprised to know that you have finally overcome your fear of blood. This Christmas, become Ms. Hemophobia-no-more! 

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