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Be Extra. Be Naughty. Be Extra Naughty!

Times have changed. Events and get-togethers have evolved. With all the daily stresses and demands at home and at work, it's about time to level up our parties and get-togethers into something more fun, more engaging and more entertaining. Yes, the typical celebrations are more relaxed and already amusing, but wouldn't it be nice if we spend the special moments of our lives where we could get a very good laugh, making the occasion even more unforgettable?

Just like a cake which is oftentimes used as the highlight of a party, an amusing number, program or a surprise prank will surely help in making your festivity even brighter and more cherish-worthy than ever. It's indeed nice to serve great foods to our guests and chat about the happenings in our lives, but to spice up the celebration and to add some flavor to a regular party by pulling off a prank is an excellent idea!

When choosing a prank, it's best that you pick something that is realistic, funny, simple and of course —shocking! With these in mind, FakeABaby is proud to offer the FakeABaby fake ultrasounds to be used for entertainment purposes only, to make a normal day extra special, and to transform an occasion to a marvelous celebration that is definitely appealing!

On Halloween or April Fool’s Day, announce your fake pregnancy to your family by showing them the FakeABaby fake ultrasound that looks incredibly convincing!

On your birthday, be extra naughty by pulling off a fake ultrasound prank. Hand them the FakeABaby fake 3D ultrasound with all your details on it and enjoy all the feedback — as well as the plethora of funny reactions when you've announced that they've been pranked!

Are your relatives coming over? Why not innocently post a fake ultrasound on your fridge door — then wait for their reactions!

Feeling super wicked? Upload a copy of your 'very own' fake ultrasound on Facebook... then wait for your friends to bombard you with all those messages!

Or, you can ask your mom to be your accomplice to prank your dad. Order a personalized fake ultrasound for your 65-year old mom with her name and surprise your dad! OMG!

There's plenty of reasons and occasions to pull off a huge prank using fake ultrasounds. It's super fun so try it NOW!

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