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Test Their Patience with a Fake DNA Test

After the holidays, uplift the vibe in your home or office with a delightful prank that is guaranteed to make your family, friends and colleagues squeal and go LOL!

Choosing the best prank that is funny, light, fuss-free and effective can become overwhelming. It's because there are so many options for one and deciding on the best-est gag to pull off may become difficult. The Fake DNA Test Kit from FakeABaby is a brilliant gag gift because it lessens the burden of having to sift through a plethora of prank and gag ideas. Once you get a hold of a Fake DNA Test Kit, your creative juice will surely flow and you will become super motivated to incorporate the Fake DNA Test to an existing prank concept that you have in mind. Or, if you are too lazy to perform a complex prank setup, then you can rest easy knowing that a laidback-yet-effective prank awaits — with the help of a Fake DNA Test from FakeABaby!


Fake DNA Test are intriguing. You've heard the hot news and controversial cases involving DNA tests and all. Feel the rush and experience a different level of pranking by using the Fake DNA Test Kits from FakeABaby. You yourself will be speechless as you see the 'Match' or 'MisMatch' test results on a certificate, after you've conducted a test using the cotton swabs and test tubes. What a marvelous prank idea! This is the perfect gag to pull on your parents, siblings, baby daddy or hubby! See their shock, see their terror and see the happy vibe around you after announcing that everything was just a prank!

There are 4 Fake DNA Test Kits to choose from:

1. Fake DNA Test Laboratory Style

2. Instant Fake DNA Test

3. Personalized Fake DNA Test

4. New Style Personalized Fake DNA Test

Relax your mind and have a therapeutic moment after having a good laugh with a funny post-New Year prank with FakeABaby. Your family and friends will surely love you by starting the year with a clean slate, and for adding a touch of fun and a dash of humor with a Fake DNA to the new year!

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