Reasons Why People Love Our Personalized Fake X-rays –


Reasons Why People Love Our Personalized Fake X-rays


For timeless, effortless and seamless pranks, FakeABaby is the place to be! With the multitude of exciting prank items and gag gifts, you can be confident that you’d get that perfect prank item for that perfect gag in your mind!

Even if you're a newbie in tomfoolery or you already hold that "master prankster" title, you are bound to enjoy pulling off a prank using the effective and totally distinctive prank items and gag gifts from FakeABaby!

Although our fake pregnancy items, fake ultrasound, fake pregnancy documents, fake tests. fake boobs and fake butt implant prank toys are our most sought-after items, many of our dear customers also love our Personalized X-Rays! This prank item satisfies their dream of having an ultimate time pulling off a prank that is so easy to accomplish yet results to a huge shocking moment which provides so much fun and excitement! Now, who doesn't want that?

Our Personalized Fake X-Ray will surely make you laugh, chuckle, giggle and everything in between! Your family and friends (and even yourself!) has not encountered this funny gag and you'll be guaranteed that a failed prank won't happen because this fake x-ray is so realistic, it looks and feels just like the real ones you get from laboratories, hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities!

Did that sick leave you've filed didn't get approved? No worries! Let your boss know that you just had a 'mishap' — a very simple one at that, and a bottle was just stuck up inside your as*! He will excuse you for sure right there and then, and will immediately end your phone conversation. He won't be interested to know as to how and why it happened! But be sure to let him know that it was all a joke, so your absence won't be a burdensome one, but an interesting, hilarious and crazy experience for the whole team at work!

Preparing for a super funny prank for the next holiday, occasion or celebration? Prank your family with a Fake X-Ray prank and enjoy how they react towards this unfortunate event and how they assist and care for you during that difficult time of having to endure that foreign body inside of you, LOL! Be sure to make up to them after you've disclosed the truth that everything was just a joke!

Get the fascinating Personalized Fake X-Ray NOW! 

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