Funny and Trendy Prank Items for You! –


Funny and Trendy Prank Items for You!


Indulge in trendy items that are so hysterical and be prepared for all the laughter and fun that the items from FakeABaby can offer you!

The wide variety of options when it comes to prank items and gag gifts can only be found at FakeABaby. Enjoy the hilarious items wrapped in all things realistic and true, which are just your perfect tools for that remarkable and convincing prank!

When planning for that gag, keep in mind to make sure that you are preparing a wondrous pranking moment too for your victims and everyone involved. Being able to make the whole scenario as something that's memorable and enlivening will surely keep everyone happy and inspired!

One may think that planning to pull off a prank on someone is very easy. But the biggest factor as to why pranks fail is not only due to lack of preparation, but is also because of the fact that most pranks are tacky and not realistic enough. Many pranks did not invoke too much humor because of premature discovery due to a nasty setup or an ineffective prank item or prank toys.

But with FakeABaby, you’re gonna have that peace of mind because you will be sure that the prank items which you are getting are fun, exciting, unique, and absolutely funny! A simple gag could be possibly transformed into a marvelous prank as long as you make sure that you are using a humorous prank toy with an extraordinary quality and exceptional style.

Choose from the exciting collection of mind-blowing gag gifts such as fake ultrasounds, fake medical tests, fake video sonograms, fake pregnancy documents and also the perfect place on where to buy fake pregnancy test!

Or, go on an equally fun route by tricking them that you've just underwent a surgery and then wear our fake boobs and fake butt to totally convince them!

Asking yourself where to buy fake pregnancy test? Don't just pull off a silly joke that may often end up to a failed prank. Be guaranteed of a funny and hilarious time with the witty, funny, interesting and absolutely fascinating prank items from FakeABaby

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