The Vasectomy Prank –


The Vasectomy Prank


Searching for ways on how to cultivate a hilarious, mean, and outrageous prank? Trying to unearth a type of prank that is harmless and funny, and something that you can perfectly pull off on your partner? Say goodbye to a stressful search and say "Hello!" to a creative prank that will leave you and your significant other with funny and sweet (or totally wicked!) memories!

Told 'ya, FakeABaby is the greatest source for the best husband, boyfriend and SO pranks! We do not only offer the unmatched fake boobs, silicone fake butt pads and fake bellies. We provide prank toys that will make your Vasectomy Prank and Fake Pregnancy Prank a huge success!

For the men who wanted to pull off a lighthearted gag towards their lovely wives or girlfriends, make your Vasectomy Prank a reality! Tell your partner that you've just had a vasectomy 'secretly' a few months ago. Capture the whole 'revelation' on vid — then pick a perfect time to engage her in taking a fake pregnancy test from FakeABaby. Our fake pregnancy tests always yield a false positive, so if she pees on it, it will surely show a Positive Sign and it's gonna be a one helluva prank for the both of you when she gets pregnant knowing that you have just underwent a vasectomy procedure! Intricate, absorbing, and totally funny!

For those who have actually undergone vasectomy, pull off a sinful joke on your wife or girlfriend! Find a way to have her say 'Yes' in taking a fake pregnancy test. You can ask a relative or a friend to give it to her as a sample or perhaps hold a 'Free Medical Check-Up' that involves a 'free' pregnancy test. Then see her shocked reaction as her pregnancy test report result to a "Positive" one and make sure to be creative enough to muster your drama skills ala Hollywood, LOL!

For the ladies who have a vasectomized partner, it's easy! Use one of our exciting fake pregnancy test kits, show your partner 'unintentionally' the false positive and shock him! But make sure to announce that it was all a prank right away; a 5-minute joke will do - and allow everyone to have fun laughing and digesting the prank!

Choose from the fascinating collection of funny fake pregnancy pranks and vasectomy pranks 'for entertainment purposes only', provided by FakeABaby!

Image Source: TheDigitalArtist / 4531 images via Pixabay Creative Commons CC0

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