Nude and Chocolate Fake Pregnancy Bellies –


Nude and Chocolate Fake Pregnancy Bellies

Luscious can never be this funny!

Make your friends laugh with our exceptionally good and wondrously realistic fake pregnancy belly. Known as the greatest source of gag gifts and prank items that are centered on both pregnancy and non-pregnancy related, buddy and wacky jokes, FakeABaby offers a great collection of fake pregnancy bellies that will put you in awe and place in you in a situation where you and your friends can go LOL and have an immensely good time!

April 1st may be a perfect time to pull off a wicked prank but actually, any day is an equally excellent moment to perform a prank. It's actually more viable as the chances of having a successful prank would be so high on a regular day — who would expect a shocking prank carried out on a routine-filled day, right? So, if you are very eager to dive into a pool of trickery, now is the right time to do it! Now is the ideal moment to overcome your fears of a failed prank by choosing a spectacular prank item from FakeABaby!

Hit the most entertaining prank now with a Fake Belly Prank! If you are leaning towards a gag that is so convincing and so funny, a Fake Belly Prank or a Fake Beer Belly Prank is an outstanding choice... and make it even more realistic and amusing by wearing the Silicone Fake Bellies from FakeABaby!

All it takes is a realistic belly so you could accomplish your fake pregnancy belly prank successfully! FakeABaby provides fabric and silicone fake preggy bumps. A fabric fake pregnancy belly is also convincing, but if you want to look and feel really pregnant and truly experience the heaviness and a genuine preggy look, a silicone belly is your best bet!

Choose from our unrivaled silicone fake pregnancy bellies in two colors: Nude and Mocha

Flabbergast your family on the other side of the world with a fake pregnancy announcement wearing a fake belly bump. Shock your friends online by posting a photo while donning a silicone fake belly. Carry out the funniest and the most hilarious hubby or boyfriend prank with the help of the FakeABaby fake pregnancy belly! You'll be amazed yourself by how real and genuine it looks and feels, and even your mom, aunt or granny would get so convinced and so fascinated by it!

Pick a realistic fake pregnancy belly and choose from our wide array of fake pregnancy bellies at FakeABaby!  

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