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Have a Fake DNA Party!

Are you having a party soon? Cool arrangements and cutesy elements are of course beautiful to look at, but if you want to make this event mark on your guests' minds in the days and years to come, try adding a hilarious touch to it. An experiential activity is the best! So how about planning for a personalized fake DNA joke? Hmm... Are you having that mischievous grin now? Well, you're actually right with what you have in mind!

A fake DNA test gives you the chance to pretend and make the situation seem 101% true! You can pretend that your sibling is adopted and his real dad is the town's most wanted criminal, or if you're super close to the guest, why not give him a birthday news that his 10-year-old son isn't actually his? If you're a cool mom who's game for anything, why not fool your hubby that he's not the real father of your kids, but George Clooney is! Hahaha....

The personalized fake DNA kit contains a DNA collection kit with test tubes and swabs, as well as a DNA "Match" and "Mismatch" certificates. To successfully pull this prank off, collect DNA samples as directed and pretend that you're gonna take them to the lab. After a few days, you can play as if you've got the DNA lab results and show to your lucky victim if it's a match or mismatch. It's sooo much fun! 

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