FEIGN YOUR TWINS | Fake a baby – FakeaBaby.com


Got a phony but funny story to tell? Well then create a drama by pulling off a fake twin pregnancy prank with a fake pregnancy belly! You heard it right- pretend that you're gonna be a mom-to-be to twins!

The fake pregnancy belly twins is Fake a Baby's most humongous fake pregnancy belly available. It is made of a special, flesh-like silicone so it looks, feels and moves incredibly real! When worn with a maternity dress or pregnancy clothes, anyone will think that you're very much pregger- guaranteed! Worried that you might not bag the Best Actress award for feigning? Don't worry, putting it on is so effortless, all you need to do is adjust the fake pregnancy belly's neck and waist straps, and you're off in being an instant expecting mom! 

This isn't only a wonderful prank item but the fake pregnancy belly is also a great addition for theatrical bits and pieces or an amazing gift for someone who works in the movie and television production, as this is a very handy material for roles pertaining to pregnancy.

So place your order now for a fake pregnancy belly and get that super smile from your gag gift recipient or show your naughty grin prior to pranking your victim!