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Want to make your fake pregnancy prank even more convincing? Planning on pulling it off with a 100% success rate? Or just love the idea of gifting someone something wacky and fun? Whatever floats your boat, a personalized fake newspaper birth announcement is a sure way to increase the cheerful vibe around you!

A fake pregnancy prank is a favorite gagging activity among women who are tired of the conventional, tried-and-tested pranking. Fake a Baby has helped them in achieving a successfully funny prank. With the help of fake pregnancy tests and fake sonograms, everyone will definitely have a good time- all year round. If your pal has already accomplished a fake pregnancy test prank before, then you can try executing a fake birth announcement! Pulling off this prank online may be fine, but for a more authentic experience, a personalized fake newspaper birth announcement is the best tool that you could use. Your so-called pregnancy or birth announcement will be printed on real newspaper, ensuring the most genuine-looking fake newspaper prank ever!

There are two styles that you can choose from. Either you pick Style 1 or Style 2, both of them look legitimate anyway. The edges of the fake newspaper is cut or torn, as if it was really detached from a whole size newspaper. No worries, you could get 5 copies so you could victimize 5 lucky people!

Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind naughty adventure! Get the personalized fake newspaper birth announcement now! 

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