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Times have indeed changed. Gone are the days when we can slack around and be idle for so long. This is the era where we’re always in a hurry; on-the-go most of the time. Nearly everything is offered in an instant. Most are even in real time. And to keep up with the demands of our generation, Fake a Baby has created the digital version of the well-loved classic 2D ultrasound that can be delivered almost instantaneously! Indeed, the digital express 2D Ultrasound is the perfect gag gift or prank item for those who want to have a hilarious time ASAP!

If you're an impulsive prankster or you're getting hasty in showing the rascal in you, the digital express 2D Ultrasound in fast EMAIL ONLY Delivery EXPRESS is what you need to complete a fake pregnancy or fake ultrasound prank. Show it to your parents, siblings or granny and put them in a temporary distress. Don’t forget to hug them afterwards! J Send it to your ever-jerk boyfriend and give him the biggest blow of his life. Reveal it to your friends and see how they would react. The digital express 2D ultrasound could also be used in school projects, shows and stage plays, as well as serve as a bridal or bachelorette party material, and other activities where you need a genuine-looking ultrasound.

This  is an email version, thus you cannot receive a paper version. You can only add your name, and the other information cannot be personalized. If you need an actual fake ultrasound, please see the other Fake a Baby fake sonograms and fake ultrasounds HERE.

In the event where you feel a sudden urge to express your mischievousness or an itch to pull off a practical joke is needed to be attended to, then order the digital express 2D ultrasound now!