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Your Best Buddy

Wanna stun your friends? Wanna make guys swoon over you? Wanna shock your siblings of your transformation? No surgeries, no gimmicks, no nothing! All you need is a pair offake silicone boobs and you're good to go!

The fake silicone boobs from Fake a Baby have been serving so many purposes for several years now! Fashion-wise, a pair of these fake silicone boobs could boost a woman's confidence a notch higher. Some ladies have super low self-esteem for being flat-chested, and most of them don't have the budget for implants, and no courage to go under the knife too. That's why more and more women would go for the affordable and hassle-free way of wearing a pair of fake silicone boobs when the need arises. Whether they’d love to look sexier or wanna add a wow factor to their outfit, indeed, this pair has already become their besties! :)

The amazing fake silicone boobs are also used to surprise anyone. Surprise your boyfriend with a sultrier and more provocative you! Astound your friends with your new cup size and shock your mom that you've become full-figured in a jiffy. You can literally prank anyone that you've had breast implants and could reveal the truth afterwards - brace yourself for tons of laughter!

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