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The Complete Package

Keen attention to detail, being a perfectionist or an OC. If these traits seem to describe you as a prankster then this pregnancy prank item will definitely make you grin with pleasure! The FakeaBaby fake proof of pregnancy document is an awesome addition to your overall pregnancy prank project. Imagine completing the whole package that you have in mind and transforming your gag idea into something that's definitely convincing!


Getting a fake proof of pregnancy document is pretty straightforward. Gone are the days when you have to create one on your computer, printing it and realizing afterwards that it doesn't look genuine all along. With this fake proof of pregnancy document, you're guaranteed official-looking paper with a sticker that's "lab certified", as well as an embossed seal. All you need to do is create an account for free at FakeABaby, provide the "patient's name", the date of the pregnancy test, the pregnancy term, the fake doctor's name, and other fake information. Told ‘ya it’s easy!

The fake proof of pregnancy document is also perfect for anyone needing an authentic-looking document for stage presentations or whatever (funny!) purpose it may suit them.

Go ahead have a good time developing that greatest scare prank of yours. Personalize your fake proof of pregnancy document HERE.