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Since April Fool's Day is coming in less than a month away, expert and newbie pranksters alike are already finding ways in planning for that perfect mischievous act. For those who would like to opt for a simple, easy and foolproof prank, a fake pregnancy test trick is definitely an answer to that need!



Here are 5 ways on how to make your fake pregnancy test spoof come to fruition. :)

1. For a forgetful girlfriend or wife. – Guys, if you and your girlfriend are still saving up for that big wedding or you and your wife don't want to have your third baby as of yet, and she incessantly forgets to take that contraceptive pill, then a fake pregnancy test prank could might as well serve as a simple wake-up-call for them! Give it to your partner and tell her that it's a freebie you got from the office, telling her to use it asap as it'll be expired soon. She will be rushing to the bathroom to discover the shocking result. Of course, you need to give her a nice massage to pay for that headache she got from that prank and from too much laughing afterwards!

2. For a groovy and cool grandma. - Aside from that fancy birthday cake, play a "Truth or Dare" game and include the use of a fake pregnancy prank. For your grandma who's always game for anything, let her try a fake pregnancy test. Capture her reaction on video when she gets out of the bathroom! Truly a day to express your admiration to your beloved grandma- well, in a naughty way!

3. For a career-driven cousin working overseas. - If you want to give an unforgettably hilarious moment to your ever dearest cousin, who will be stationed abroad for a couple of years, then send a false positive pregnancy test to him, with a text telling him that he has gotten his girlfriend pregnant! Don't forget to give him some Advil or Tylenol afterwards!

4. For your oblivious colleagues. - If your company loves you so much that there‘s always freebies scattered everywhere, then you should be thankful, in the same way that they should be grateful for adding a memorably funny day to their boring office life! Place the fake pregnancy test among the office freebies, and be ready for those rumors, fun and laughter in the days to come!

5. For your worrisome brother applying for a job. - Jokes, teases and puns- without these, an awesome relationship with your sibling is quite impossible. Since he's scheduled for a Fortune 500 company job interview, why not give him a good laugh to loosen up? Pretend that he has tested positive for an HIV test. Oh boy… And don’t forget to not include the box so he’d really think that the strip is an HIV test strip!

Do you have a creative fake pregnancy test pranking idea in mind? Share it with us on our Social Media Pages below. We might mention your name and suggestion in one of our future blog posts! :)






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