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Wreak Vengeance with a Classic 3D Fake Ultrasound

Pull off a 3D fake ultrasound sonogram prank in taking revenge! A spoof brought about by revenge is definitely no silly antic! What if your boyfriend left you just like that? Double Ouch! What if your partner cheated on you? Imagine all those dreams that are now shattered in a jiffy, much worse if you already have those investments in which a huge chunk of it came from you. Sure you shouldn't be using a fake ultrasound by pretending to be preggers "permanently"- that's definitely a no-no, but a week-long stress from your fake pregnancy prank is surely something that would teach him a lesson. Once you've made him cry, it's about time to leave that jerk and move on! You're a strong woman - you go girl!


After dumping you, you could send this 3D fake ultrasound to his email and tell him that he's gonna be a father soon. How would he deal with his current girlfriend? How would he handle the pressures of parenting? Those ideas will surely haunt him! Maintain your composure for a few days and when the week is almost over, surprise him with the news that you've just played around - something to complement his fooling around!

 Personalizing a 3D fake ultrasound is very easy; you'd be amazed on how a fake ultrasound would look so authentic! Make up the gender of your baby, the stage of pregnancy that you're in, the doctor's name, and clinic or hospital name. Make sure not to use real names for the doctor and hospital to stay out of trouble! Then pick the type of media for your fake ultrasound and add a hilarious message in the Comments section. You'd get 2 copies or if you want it to be on a giant poster size then go ahead and select that option! The fun already starts on the process of personalizing it, how much more if you're already in the process of pulling off this uproarious fake pregnancy prank by a fake ultrasound!

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