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5 Benefits of Pranking


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Prank. Spoof. Gag.

Although, these words are all about having a good laugh, oftentimes they are associated with negativity. While others give in to just having a good time when being pranked, others find some pranking activities offending. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that this activity offers so many benefits. So whether it's covering up your buddy's car with toilet paper or pulling off a "fake pregnancy test prank" on your lovely sissy, reaping the advantages of it is already in the bag.

1. Laughter is the best medicine.

Cliché but there's definitely a truth behind this quote. Scientific studies have shown that humor provides so many health benefits. It strengthens the immune system and lessens the chances of being affected by anxiety or depression as it's a great activity for stress-relief. It also boosts one's energy and is also a way to lessen the pain, either physically or emotionally.

2. Intensifies the bond.

Carrying out a prank strengthens the bond between you and your "victim". It's not purely about making fun out of his funny reaction, but it also makes him feel special. You exerted your efforts and time to pull off a prank, and although he may be shocked initially, it's guaranteed that he may feel important and valued too. This is certainly something unforgettable, an event worthy to be remembered by you and your victim. A practical joke also improves the relationship among the people involved in implementing the prank, and their participation enhances your interaction with them.

3. Promotes creativity.

Planning for a gag develops one's inventiveness. Sure there are so many gag gifts and prank items that you can use, but your prank plan doesn't end there. You need to formulate a scheme, take into several factors like time, location, your victim's mood, etc., to be able to construct it perfectly. This also awakens the imagination of the people who were a part of your plan. Their resourcefulness is developed as well by providing suggestions and inputs to your scheme.

4. Teaches a lesson.

A prank teaches everyone a valuable lesson. If it's your primary aim to make your victim realize something, it's quite positive that the insight which he gained from it will make him self-reflect and ponder about the things that he should be changing about his attitude. It also makes you, your victim, and the other people involved to be careful, not only in avoiding a prank in the future (which is quite impossible) but also to be very wary in some aspects of their life. There are so many scams and tricks these days that are far more serious compared to a prank, so this activity teaches everyone to be watchful.

5. Makes holidays more memorable.

Holidays, celebrations and events are made amazing by all the sumptuous meals, great giveaways, but what transforms them into something special is the bond. The laughter and the hilarity brought about by a prank activity will surely make each event etched in everyone's mind. Even watching a video of it after several years will still make everyone's faces smile, making you grin with pride. :)


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