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Different Modern Pranks

There's plenty of time during our childhood and teenage years that have left beautiful marks on us. Most of these memories are etched in our hearts and minds. One of the most memorable times of childhood is a prank. The practical jokes that we have done, have watched, or have victimized us during our childhood made us laugh with the prankster's funny antics at a neighbor's birthday party or scream in terror and run away only to serve as a nightmare, fuel well into our adult years--those times put a smile on our faces now.

Though nowadays, there are thousands of practical jokes and tips for a fun modern prank idea, the old school, harmless, and hilarious ones have become a mainstay and we can still find them shocking and fun.

The foolish characters when pulling off a prank are popular and some horrifying pranks make us despise our mean family members and friends. But we admit that the memories from those times are what makes it ultimately special. Typically, jokes and mild pranks are great for cheering up kids at hospitals, helping make birthday parties more amusing and in general, making people laugh and have a good time. What some consider mundane and boring, some pranks make most of us drop our jaws and stare with amazement by their acts of some sort of an illusion.

Pranksters and those who love to pull off a creative tomfoolery always have a passion for fun that some people may not understand. With everything being reimagined nowadays and constantly changing to meet a slew of different tastes, it's hard for some to see how much they are truly missing if they haven't done a prank. A good old fashioned prank with your siblings and friends might seem a bit dated to some but it's undeniable that they still catch our attention and can be deemed as timelessly enjoyable. The modern pranks, however are quite astonishing. Items like the FakeABaby fake pregnancy tests can provide that "How'd they do that?" moments from your prank victims. Seeing the pregnancy test strip turn into a false positive when dipped into their pee sample will give them the shock of their lives!

Or, with a Fake DNA Test Kit, you can show your prank victims that you or some random guy have a 'Matched' DNA...or the other way around! Show your mom and dad that your DNA and theirs are a 'Mismatch' and hear crazy laughter afterwards.

And, since cosmetic surgeries are super popular these days, a Fake Boob Job Prank is very relevant. Accomplish this with a pair of the FakeABaby fake silicone boobies and you're bound to have a massively fun time!

Pranking gives us permission to laugh at ourselves or at the misfortunes of another. Pranksters are willing to sacrifice their own humility to make us laugh. They are willing to be embarassed if their pranks fail. The expert pranksters test with all their conjuring the dexterity of their slight of hand and wizardy ways inspire everyone and the kid in all of us. We can see the fun by letting them into our lives and opening up to the simple pleasures from a myriad of practical jokes which can bring our ordinary lives into a little bit of enchantment through their efforts.

So what are you waiting for? NOW is the best time to make them smile with a modern prank idea. Pull off the best prank ever with the FakeABaby gag gifts and prank items



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