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Endless Gags and Pranks

Enjoy the overflowing gag and prank ideas here at FakeABaby! We offer plenty of prank items and gag gifts that will surely match everyone's taste, pranking preferences, and any level of prankster expertise!

It's no secret as to why more and more people are drawn to pranks--be it simply watching a prank or do it themselves. Pranks have become a form of an escape to the demanding lives that we have. We achieve some sort of a quick getaway and be able to forget our problems by expressing our sense of humor and artistry. The laughter provides a therapeutic feeling which is surely important to keep our zest for life, even if the stresses of life have always been existent.

The wonderful gag gifts from FakeABaby are centered on fake pregnancy pranks, but we also offer prank items that are perfect for cosmetic surgery pranks, medical pranks, buddy pranks, and which can also be used for fashion.

Our fake pregnancy test kits, fake 2D ultrasounds and fake 3D ultrasounds, fake pregnancy announcements, and fake pregnancy bellies will allow you to achieve the best fake pregnancy prank ever. Regardless if you intend to use one of the items or choose to use all of the above, you're bound to have a fabulous moment pulling off the greatest fake pregnancy prank of all time!

For an unbelievably good cosmetic surgery prank, choose the FakeABaby silicone huge boobies or silicone bra inserts for a realistic fake boob job or fake boobs prank. Or, you can trick your family and friends that you've just had a butt implant. You will never go wrong with the stunning silicone butt shape wear! Also awesome as a fashion item!

Give in to a refreshing and exhilarating moment from the loads of chuckles and giggles with the FakeABaby fake DNA tests, fake medical tests, and personalized prescriptions. You can expect an effective, convincing, and a quality prank toy for that awesome and unforgettable prank!

Go ahead and get your FakeABaby prank item NOW!

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