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Hot August Treat: FREE SHIPPING!

This month, FakeABaby has a special offer for you... and that's FREE SHIPPING for the whole month of August!

We know that this year has brought both wonderful blessings and challenges to you—that could still be considered as a sweet learning experience!—so we want to give you the gift of relaxation; something that will provide you with the opportunity to loosen up, take things easy, and show your wacky side! That's why we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all items so you could maximize your awesome July experience! Order anything and everything and you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the free shipping promo while waiting for your prized prank item right at your doorstep!

Humor can bring so many benefits to your overall wellness as it is a great form of stress relief. And it also provides a lot of advantages to your relationships. Many pranks have strengthened and even fixed relationships. Husband and wives can put a sparkle to their marriage with an April Fools Day fake pregnancy prank. Daughters and siblings can carry out a fake ultrasound prank or fake pregnancy belly prank to shock their parents. Friends can show their new boobies or butt implants but can secretly wear the FakeABaby fake silicone boobies and butt pads to achieve the best fake boob job prank or fake butt implant prank! Buddies can also use the FakeABaby fake prescriptions or fake DNA tests to add a crazy yet cool activity to their meetups and get-togethers. Even soon-to-be brides can enjoy the FakeABaby items as a bachelorette party items or as giveaways because our items are kinky and naughty!

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The gag gifts and prank items from FakeABaby are very effective and popular because they're the best prank toys to use if you want to have an easy, realistic, and funny practical joke. And the best part of our free shipping promo is that it will make your prank planning and execution easier and more affordable!

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If you are leaning towards a pranking activity that's fuss-free and budget friendly, then the FakeABaby gag gifts are an ideal choice! The wide array of out-of-this-world items will blow your mind and how seamlessly you can do it as well as how convincingly real it is will surely allow you to achieve your dream pranking escapade!

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