The Best Mother's Day Pranks 2019 –


The Best Mother's Day Pranks 2019


Mother's Day celebrations are so much fun--and wait till you inject a dash of humor and mischief into it!

Moms are selfless yet they do deserve to be pampered and to be the center of attention at times. The Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for them to feel loved and appreciated. And what better way to do it by giving them a memorable and hilarious time with a prank!

Treat your mom, your wife, or the moms in your life this year into a wonderful tomfoolery that will make them stunned, astounded, or something that will make their jaws drop! Pulling off a prank on them may bring out a sweet smile, a hearty laugh, an agitated reaction, or anything and everything in between, but the essence of it all will surely be about making them feel that they are celebrated!

The following Mother's Day pranks and gags will surely make your mom's special day extra super dee duper!


1. Mother's Day Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

If you want to make your momma proud by letting her know your hidden talents in pranking then this one for you! The FakeABaby fake pregnancy test kits that look absolutely real will allow you to induce a shock factor on your mom. Tell her that you're pregnant and let her see how the false positive pregnancy test strip result shows a "positive" sign after dipping it to your urine collection vial. It's perfectly realistic and it will perfectly surprise your mom! You can even pull this off with your granny or auntie as an accomplice. How will your mom react if she learns that your 70-year-old granny or 60-year-old auntie is pregnant?


2. Mother's Day Fake Pregnancy Proof of Pregnancy Document Prank

Need a fake pregnancy prank on Mother's Day in as easy as 1,2,3? Well, if you just want a straightforward gag that will leave unforgettably crazy memories then a prank using a Fake Proof of Pregnancy Document is your best choice! Just provide the patient's name and all the fake information that you would love to reflect on the pregnancy document such as the date of pregnancy test, fake doctor's name, fake pregnancy term, etc. and make your mom believe that you are truly pregnant with the document's "lab certified" sticker and embossed seal. If you want to make the whole prank even wilder, then add a fake pregnancy test or fake sonogram video to this gag!


3. Mother's Day Fake Boob Job Prank

Remember how our moms have reminded us to love the skin we're in and embrace our natural beauty? Although we recommend our silicone products as the top choice over a boob job, we respect and we've got nothing against cosmetic surgeries and different methods in enhancing our beauty as it's an individual choice that each woman has to make. As long as it makes you happy then you go, girl! But, if you want to prank your mom who's against a boob job or you want to treat your granny into a surprise that will give her a wide-eyed, open-mouthed reaction then a Fake Boob Job Prank is an excellent choice! Wear the FakeABaby silicone boobs and you'll be amazed by how effective this item will make your prank successful!


4. Mother's Day Fake Pregnancy Belly Prank

This is an ideal Mother's Day prank if you are planning to do it online or if you're away from home. Send your photo while wearing a fake baby bump from FakeABaby or during Facebook live, tell your mom that you are getting those morning sicknesses as you rub your fake tummy and be prepared to be bombarded with lots of questions and bewildered confusion!



5. Mother's Day Fake DNA Test Prank

Prank your mom with your dad as an accomplice! The FakeABaby fake DNA test kit is just what you need to put your mom into a mildly horrified and subtly livid situation where a revelation ala the usual soap operas is in the works! You can pick our Instant Fake DNA Test that includes a strip that turns blue with a urine, showing two people are a match for DNA. With our wide array of Fake DNA Test kits that look convincingly authentic, you'll enjoy the planning process--up to the announcement that everything is just a prank!

Make sure that after you have done one of these funny Mother's Day pranks, you give her a wonderful Mother's Day gift or take her to a delightful dinner to make up for that cruelly funny joke she has endured!

Have a Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Image: silviaritaPixabay under the Pixabay License

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