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Celebrities Who Have Pulled Off Fake Pregnancy Pranks and Jokes

Pranks can be cruel; but admit it or not, pulling off a prank has become a yearly tradition, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations where people have fun over good food, a few (or plenty!) bottles of beer, and some engaging activities. Making it memorable is an important thing, and by making it memorable, we add a special, intoxicatingly funny experience called a 'prank'!

There's just a plethora of ways to pull off a practical joke. By being the leading provider of wondrous and out-of-this-world prank items, we believe in these three requirements when pulling off a prank: it should be funny, easy, and harmless. That's why we offer a collection of amazing prank items that are easy to pull off, easy on the pocket, and which you can also use to easily convince your prank victims that the whole thing is real--even if it's not!

Aside from our fake prescriptions, fake butt, and fake boobies, our fascinating array of fake pregnancy prank products are a topnotch favorite among our customers. When our customers crave for a funny prank to pull on their significant others, family, or friends, they opt for a fake pregnancy announcement idea. It may be a concept that could be frowned upon, but if your goal is for purely for fun, your setup is straightforward, your timing is perfect, and you have gathered your skills of not bursting into so much laughter while you're doing your gag, then be ready for an amazing pranking moment!

Did you know that even some of the world-famous celebrities have tried carrying out a celebrity fake pregnancy prank? Well, below are some of the best fake pregnancy pranks pulled off by a few of the popular Hollywood A-listers!

1. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner pulled off a fake pregnancy announcement during a call to her sister, Kim Kardashian West. And like a big, supportive sissy, Kim gave Kendall some words of wisdom.

Kendall has also worn a fake baby bump to Kim's birthday party as a totally cool costume with the rest of their family and guests wearing the fake bumps. Now that's taking a pregnant birthday celebrant's party or perhaps a baby bash a notch higher!

2. Justin Bieber

Last April Fool's Day, Justin and Hailey uploaded an ultrasound on his Instagram without a caption, garnering more than six million likes. Followed by a photo of Hailey touching her tummy with two people assisting her, seemingly looking like they're in a laboratory. Who wouldn't love to hear the news of a bun in the oven for these two lovelies, right? Turns out, it was just a fake ultrasound prank all along! Although some slammed Justin for pulling off the said prank, others thought that it was funny and sa very timely joke for an April Fool’s Day prank.

3. Lily Collins

Lily carried out a cute yet simple fake pregnancy prank on April Fool's by channeling a prosthetic pregnant belly that she has worn as Rosie on the "Love, Rosie" film back in 2014 on Instagram. From the looks of the comments from her fans though, they knew right away that it was just a cheeky tomfoolery--but they loved it! And even if some of her fans realized that it was a prank all along, Lily said that her brother thought she was really preggers!

4. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani did a remarkable job in pulling off a fake pregnancy announcement joke. Most of us still recall her April Fool's Day prank in 2016 when she posted a fake ultrasound on Instagram with an "It's a girl." caption. The comments were mixed: Some were upset while others took it well. A pregnant fan even said that she wasn't offended at all.

5. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' fake pregnancy joke is worthy to be on this list. During the BET Hip Hop Awards back in 2013, she was reportedly caught admitting that she was pregnant with Juicy J. She was surprised herself that a lot of people believe it and her pregnancy already making the headlines. Well, it didn't happen on April Fool's Day but made the headlines and rumors instantly. It’s a great inspiration for a fake pregnancy gag plan!

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Many celebrities have already pulled off a funny celebrity fake pregnancy prank. Be it in the form of a fake pregnancy test, a fake ultrasound, or a fake baby bump—it's funny and attention-grabbing. Some people will laugh at it while others may not—as with any prank activities, this happens! To each his own, so they say. Best to pull it off in a classy and entertaining way using an effective and funny prank items from FakeABaby! You might just get inspiration from these famous celebrities' fake pregnancy pranks.

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