Last-Minute April Fool's Day Ideas –


Last-Minute April Fool's Day Ideas

Worried that you might end up feeling sad and bored this upcoming April Fool's Day? Fear not for FakeABaby is here for you!

April Fool's Day is just around the corner—and so do our unending tasks and deadlines to beat! But here's the good news: you can now obtain a great prank item and plan for the best April Fool's Day prank in no time, thanks to the gag gifts and prank items offered by FakeABaby which you can get instantaneously!

Fake pregnancies have been hilarious yet controversial. But let's admit it. Although pregnancy announcements have become a common thing these days. We get shocked for our single friends who get pregnant; and surprisingly, we still get stunned if we get this news from our married family members! Indeed, no matter who announces their pregnancies, a pregnancy announcement still gives us a reason to be astounded!

And that's why fake ultrasound pranks are superbly effective!

Showing a fake ultrasound is a great way to announce a fake pregnancy for a great April Fool's Day joke, and it is also a realistic way to pull off an effective prank! You don't need to be an expert in pulling off a tomfoolery. You don't need to have a great acting prowess. And you don't need to arrange for a huge and complicated prank. All it takes is a convincing and legitimate-looking fake ultrasound, right timing, and self-control in bursting into giggles and you're good to go!


Since it's only a few days away from the 1st of April, you don't need to worry about receiving your fake ultrasound past April Fools. Our "Digital 2D Ultrasound Fast EMAIL ONLY Delivery EXPRESS Fake Ultrasound" will allow you to accomplish your fake ultrasound prank immediately. You can quickly get your fake ultrasound via email and you can start sending it to your family and friends for that marvelous fake ultrasound prank or fake pregnancy test prank!


If you already have some of the amazing FakeABaby fake pregnancy items then you can have this Express Fake Ultrasound as an awesome add-on!

Or, you can choose from our crazy, sexy and kinky gag gifts and prank items for a more creative and wittier prank that you have in mind.

Start putting a smile on your loved ones' faces and energize yourself with a funny fake ultrasound prank brought to you by FakeABaby! 

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