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Fake a Baby’s New and Improved Fake Ultrasound

We are happy to showcase our new and improved 2D fake ultrasound! Of course, we still have the wide range of the classic, genuine looking (and feeling!) 2D and 3D fake ultrasound you have loved and you can surely pick any type for your “venture”, but you will definitely find our latest Phillips and GE versions really interesting. The GE and Phillips labels promise a more authentic look. The darker combination of colors provides a classier look as well. The information on the top bars and side bars are clearer. The sonogram image is evidently more defined. If you have tried completing a 2D fake ultrasound before or have successfully pulled off a fake 3D sonogram gag then this latest GE and Phillips version of Fake a Baby fake ultrasound is a must-try! Because of its new and improved features, everyone will have a hard time noticing that this is actually a fake one! :)




GE Version

For each fake ultrasound order, you would get at least 2 copies, and you have 7 types, yep 7, media options to choose from. Check them out!

Normal Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)

Normal Glossy – 4 copies (3.5x2.5)

Plain Non Glossy – 3 copies (5x7)

Transparency – 3 copies (5x7)

Large White Matte Paper – 4 copies on 20x24 white sheet

NEW Giant Poster Size - 1 Copy

Small Size (great for your fridge!) - 4 copies (3.5x2.5)

So what are you waiting for? Grab the new and improved Philips and GE versions of Fake a Baby’s 2D fake ultrasound and create another funny pranking action for this year!