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Tomfoolery with a Fake Pregnancy

If you're a woman, a fake pregnancy pranks is very much feasible. Why? Well, there’s always a chance that you may get pregnant, and the chances of convincing your prank victim is definitely high! The good thing about pulling off a fake pregnancy prank is that your lucky victims would still have a hard time absorbing and processing the good news, would get confused on what and how to react, and would be too distracted to even doubt your so-called conception!



Although it's easy to show a false positive fake pregnancy test to the people close to you, like presenting it at your home, at your friend's pad or in a small gathering, you don’t really want to pass a pregnancy test strip around your workplace, spreading the good news that you're expecting, right? Well you can actually use a fake ultrasound anytime, but what if you want to pull off a very early fake pregnancy joke? A fake pregnancy newspaper announcement is a surefire way to make everyone think that your pregnancy is indeed real!

Special events and milestones are of course worthy to be announced on a newspaper. If a pregnancy is published on a tabloid, would you ever doubt its authenticity? Of course not! The next thing that you might do is phone or text your friend to give your congratulations. Unless he's a male, you'd never think that what's posted on the newsprint is joke, LOL!

A cool standalone fake pregnancy prank item, a fake pregnancy newspaper announcement allows you to successfully implement a prank in mind that's great for any event, occasion, and even bachelorette and stag parties! This is a great add-on to a fake pregnancy test strip prank or a fake sonogram prank. Fake a Baby's fake pregnancy newspaper is printed on a real broadsheet. You'd get 5 high-quality copies on a real newsprint with torn and cut edges resembling a page that you have just detached from a whole size newspaper, for that more authentic look and feel! You could also get to choose between two styles for your fake pregnancy document.

Announce your "I'm Preggo!" joke in the funniest fashion! Make it a memorable antic, spread hilarity and fun, and create an remarkably side-splitting moment with your friends and family! Remember, life is better when you're laughing! :)

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