Laughable Fake Pregnancy Test Pranks –


Laughable Fake Pregnancy Test Pranks

You won't be mocked by your family and friends no more! Gone are the days that you are labeled as a corny and dull person. This super effective gag will change their perception of you. This joke will surely make your existence truly important and you will surely leave them dumbfounded. A type of fake pregnancy prank enables them to experience a joke on a different level. Will leave them thunderstruck, and perhaps will actually keep them shaking their heads even several days after you have accomplished this naughty prank...

Have you ever heard of a fake pregnancy prank? Of course, some even cringe after hearing this idea. But you know what? This is the classiest prank ever! While unfortunately, as with anything in this world, some opt to abuse and misuse these funny prank items, most expert pranksters and fun-loving individuals do have a great time playing this super amazing naughtiness - in a very clean and classy manner, and not to destroy someone else’s life – which is certainly a no-no!

The wide range of Fake a Baby fake pregnancy gag gifts will enable you to horse around and bring out the worst in your family and friends in a matter of minutes! Play a dirty trick towards your mom. Tell her that she and your daddy will be grannies soon! Witness how she reacts – but make sure to give her a big hug or take her to an ice cream treat after surprising her that everything’s just a joke! Feeling bored at home? Then treat your siblings to the most astonishing surprise of their lives! Leave your pregnancy test strip on your computer table or just anywhere and see how they would deal with it. Will they tell it to your parents directly? Or confront you first? Either way, everyone’s set for a tremendous time chuckling and giggling after!

Amuse your friends too by sending them a photo of your pregnancy test, without a single caption or whatsoever. Post it on your social media page with just an emoticon and see how you will be bombarded by a superfluity of comments! April Fools Day can be done anytime, anywhere! As long as your prank is purely for entertainment purpose, then prepare yourselves for truly cherished (and haunting for them) awesome time with this fake pregnancy prank!

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