The Coolest Weekend Prank –


The Coolest Weekend Prank

This is super fun to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon or a typical Sunday family time! Sure you will be looking forwards to those timeless, lip-smacking dishes that your mom lovingly prepares on weekends. You're very keen for a picnic, or it's the other way around - getting all too bored and got nothing to do. This marvelous prank is indeed an answered prayer! You may not know it as of yet, but this Instant Fake DNA Test prank is truly life-changing. How? Read on...



Show this fake DNA test to your siblings on that much awaited Saturday dinner. Your mom and dad will surely be willing to be your accomplice! Make sure to control yourselves not to laugh though! Tell them that you've just recently received the DNA test proving that you're the long lost daughter or son of THE Donald Trump - LOL!

Are your friends coming over? Make them feel as if they're on a drama series! As they arrive, make them feel the melancholic atmospher at your home because of the so-called "news". Tell them that you've just discovered that you're not really your parents’ son or daughter but rather you're related to one of the most famous serial killers in history - pick a name from Wikipedia - and see how they'd react - will they run as fast as they can?

See? There's just so many ways to fire up your sluggish weekend! This Instant Fake DNA Test will provide you, your family, friends and "victims" an instant shock but an instant joy too afterwards!

You will be getting two strips in this Instant Fake DNA Test. Both strips will turn into blue if two people being tested are a match. You can use saliva or urine and you can be sure of a match! This is the perfect-est DNA Test prank ever!

Get this Instant Fake DNA Test and transform your weekend into something legendary!

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