Top 5 Oscars-Inspired Prank –


Top 5 Oscars-Inspired Prank

It was one helluva time after the Golden Globe Awards. News about the Oscars forecasts where peppered all over the Internet, and we just couldn't get over all those predictions. It's soo therapeutic, not to mention fun, being able to share our opinions and reviews for those much-raved movies and highly esteemed actors. 


Photo Source: countessad / 7 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain


a. Fake Pregnancy Belly

Remember the time when the Golden Globe Best Actress Gina Rodriguez mentioned about the benefits of wearing a fake pregnancy belly? Well, about time to experience it – and prank your friends that you’re preggers!

b. Fake Pregnancy Birth Announcement

Is Kate Winslet pregnant? Apparently, there’s a buzz that she is – we’ll never know till it’s confirmed! Well what if she announced her pregnancy during the Oscars speech? That’s just epic! Well, you can have your moment too with this fake pregnancy birth announcement prank , with The Martian's Matt Damon as the father of your baby – what do you think?!

c. Fake DNA Test Prank

Want to have The Revenant's Leonardo DiCaprio as your baby daddy, even for just a mere second? This is what you need!

d. Fake Boob Job Prank

Saoirse Ronan has the best face and her Grecian-inspired dress during the Goilden Globes and she could have even looked a whole lot sexier with this Fake a Baby Huge Silicone Boobies! Wear a top or dress with a haltered neckline and make heads turn in no time! Oh, and if you want Olivia Wilde’s oomph, the FakeABaby silicone bra inserts will do wonders too.

e. Fake Butt Augmentation Prank

Sport Joy's Jennifer Lawrence's confidence and svelte figure wearing the Fake a Baby and silicone butt shape wear dazzle as if you're walking on that red carpet! 

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