Start Kicking A*s With Your New Butt! –

Start Kicking A*s With Your New Butt!

Havin' a flat butt but don't have the guts or cash to go for a butt enhancement? Well, we all know that you can surely improve its shape with exercise and some estrogen supplement slash fad and all that, but you're too impatient to wait for years to see the slight, noticeable improvement, right? You could still certainly "enhance" your butt sans the effort, minus the huge expenses and without the painful downtime after surgery! 



The long wait is finally over! Gone are the days of immense frustrations. Shrug off those confidence issues. Annoy your bashers with your newfound confidence and brand new sexiness. Let them see how you were able to overcome your body issues and anxieties over those harsh feedbacks and show them how happy you've turned out to be, with the all new FakeABaby's Silicone Butt Shape Wear!

You can choose between the classy black or yummy beige color. These high quality panties are made of an incredibly stretchy tummy-controlling fabric. The four large silicone pads are removable, and are oh so natural to the touch! That's because they're made from medical grade silicone, guaranteeing you a durable panty that will provide you a realistically sexy look

The FakeABaby Silicone Butt Shape Wear guarantees you of an amazing experience. It's very natural and comfortable to wear. You are then set to a fantastic transformation – being sexy inside out!

This amazing product is not only meant to boost your confidence or to improve your fashion taste, but could also perfectly serve as a good item for a butt enhancement prank! Show your friends your new curves and let them guess if you already followed the footsteps of the Kardashians, Amber Rose or Black Chyna with your newly improved booty!

Go ahead and prepare yourself to start kicking their a*ses with your new confidence and gorgeousness!