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Disgust, Pity and Shock with a Fake X-Ray Prank

It’s true, the idea of horrifying your loved ones or friends sometimes delights you. How come? Well, perhaps it's really inherent in our nature as human beings that even though we were trained and educated to act correctly and try to do what is right as much as possible, our wicked and cruel nature oftentimes takes its place! Well, it's better to convey our devilish ways through pranks and other harmless gags, right? And we cannot simply deny the fact that expressing our creativity in humorous ways is actually therapeutic and totally beneficial to our well-being...

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How about pulling off a fake x-ray prank? Start visualizing the terror (and disgust!) that your victims will react while seeing your x-ray result with that bottle of Heiny or whatever up your a*s. You'd be putting them in a muddle of revulsion, shock, laughter, and a dash of sympathy. Your victims won't even think twice in believing you as your name and details will appear on the exact fake x-ray.



Need an excuse or reason that your relatives and boss could wholeheartedly accept? A fake x-ray prank is absolutely the perfect solution! Missing a day or two at work, you'd be surprised how your boss becomes extra kind and more understanding of you, after showing them the x-ray of a bottle inside your anus. We're sure that they'll do everything just to avoid a conversation about that bottle mishap that has happened to you due as it evokes plenty if feelings, particularly fear, distress or uneasiness. Even your relatives would definitely accept your reasons if you won’t be able to attend your family reunion due to that bottle incident… And now you’re happy!

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