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Valentine’s Day Pranks

Madly in love with your significant other? Only a few days left and we're saying “Hi” to this year's most anticipated day for lovers – Valentine’s Day! Couples are now planning on different ways as to how they will be celebrating the said occasion. Dinners, vacations, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears - aww! So much sweetness and so much passion! This day is also a perfect time for those who are planning to propose to their significant other, making it even more memorable - who could easily forget a Valentine’s Day when your hubby (then boyfriend) proposed to you? Well, brace yourself for the best Valentine’s Day pranks!

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Everyone who’s in a relationship (and sometimes even not – hello stalkers!) these days are surely preoccupied on how they could surprise their partners in the dreamy way. So how do you repay that? There’s actually plenty of typical ways! Buy them an item that could be added to their collection, give them a DIY gift or perhaps if you're too generous, make their Valentine’s Day legendary with a gift that's topped with a hefty price tag. There are actually infinite ways to have a blast this Valentine’s Day, but of course, not each one of them would guarantee you of making this event much more unforgettable.

That's why we have compiled these 5 top choices of gag gifts that can be used for a massive Valentine Prank, alongside your Valentines gift, ready to add some flavor to this day filled with love!

1. fake boob job

Surprise them with your new boobies!

2. fake pregnancy

Shock them with your 2nd trimester pregnancy!

3. fake x-ray

Let them puke with disgust when they see a bottle inside your butt!

4. fake dna test

Put your obtrusive sissy or bullying brother in a moment of misery and envy as you unveil the truth of you being Queen Elizabeth’s long-lost grandchild.

5. fake ultrasound

Post it up on Facebook with the caption “Happy Valentines’ Day” and let your friends scratch their heads in confusion and shock!

Getting one of these Valentine’s Day pranks items will promise you a Valentine’s Day like no other!  

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