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Fake Sonogram Video Joke: Shocking and Refreshing

Prepare yourself for the most outrageous (and refreshing!) prank of your lifetime, and let your victims wallow in shock, then delight, that's laced with surprise in this most unique way! The Fake a Baby fake sonogram videos are created to spice up a mind-numbing day, something to cheer a lonesome friend up and to fruitfully make a statement on your next party. Indeed, a fake sonogram video prank is soo fun!

Image Source: ClkerFreeVectorImages / 29622 images via Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain


Fake a Baby offers 4 versions of the perfectly designed fake video sonograms. Have fun choosing among three different bar colors - gray, blue and green. It's up to you! All of them look exceptionally genuine anyway! Get to select the option if you want it to be shipped to you on a DVD, sent to you thru email in the form of a video link or both. So convenient!

You can leave all the details blank or provide the information that you want to appear on your fake video sonogram. Imagine having your name on the video while your mom, dad or aunt's jaw drop while getting stunned, LOL! Just provide your/the patient's name, the nurse or physician's name, the hospital or clinic's name, the date the ultrasound was taken and patient number. Oh, and did you know that you can choose from a multitude of fetus gender too? Totally amusing! Personalizing the details on your fake video sonogram has never been this trouble-free!

And the best part of it? Well, it's ON SALE for a LIMITED TIME only! So make sure to grab it now before your siblings, cousin or best friends victimize you first with an astonishingly hilarious fake sonogram video prank

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