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Fake Triplets Ultrasound

Having a hard time finding a fake triplets ultrasound? Or still searching for that perfect triplet sonogram? Fake a Baby got your brilliant pranking idea covered! Being the best provider of hilarious and truly one-of-a-kind prank items and gag gifts, Fake a Baby deeply knows what your primary needs are as the ultimate prankster, and have developed more than 12 versions of a fake ultrasound that will surely suit your fake pregnancy or fake ultrasound project. It includes exciting versions such as twins, alien face and a fetus that gives the middle finger, and one of our best-selling type - the fake triplets ultrasound.

The fake triplet ultrasound will let you see vividly the three cute soon-to-be babies. The images of the fetuses are so crisp, you will really have a hard time convincing yourself that it's fake! You can easily personalize this fake triplet ultrasound to your own liking. Choose from the 4 paper types, 3 paper sizes and indicate if you want to add a security hologram to your fake triplet ultrasound for that additional "legit" look. Then you can fill in your personal details such as your name, number, a physician or facility name that you've just made up, and the date that the ultrasound was taken.

This is a perfect gag gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties, an ideal prank item to spice up your holidays and celebrations, a realistic prop for films and movie production, and a must-have if you're a TTC (Trying to Conceive Couple) - this could be of great help if you're feeling hopeless while trying to have a baby. Just the motivation that you need to keep you and your partner going! It’s just wise to have a fake triplets ultrasound handy!

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