Chocolate-Colored Bellies Just for You –


Chocolate-Colored Bellies Just for You

Need a fake pregnant belly, but a latte or chocolate colored one, at that? Well, you're incredibly lucky to be on the right spot! FakeABaby, the most trusted name when it comes to funny gag gifts and rib-tickling prank items has established its name in providing topnotch fake pregnancy bellies for bachelorette parties, pranking activities, as gag gifts, for film and photography, and for all other purposes. We are pleased to offer our much-loved fans our luscious fake pregnancy bellies in various sizes but with the genuine look and realistic color, that's set to convince everyone that you're actually preggers!

If you're a woman of color who's going to pull off a prank towards a long lost friend who's just about to arrive from another country, this is the perfect fake pregnancy belly to wear by your doorstep as you wait for her arrival. Wow, what a shocking welcome indeed! Witness how she'd react if she sees your sexy posts on social media, and meet you with a bump. Totally shocking! And shocking is always memorable, so ensure that your meetup after so long will be an unforgettable one.

Are you into surrogacy or adoption? Many celebrities who want to keep their adoption and surrogacy in private and a huge secret wear this fake pregnancy belly in different sizes, guaranteeing to cover the three phases of pregnancy. It's a sure way to appear that you've really gotten pregnant because your tummy is actually growing!

Men with cocoa-colored skins who have a pregnant belly fetish find this succulent-looking fake pregnancy belly with a rich, dark wood color, a comfortable and perfect item. It's an exceptional element in completing your preggo get up!

Choose from these sizes that'll get you covered from your so-called First, Second or Third Trimester fake pregnancy!

1. Silicone fake pregnancy belly - 20 to 25 week stage



2. Silicone fake pregnancy belly - 32 to 36 week stage



3. Silicone fake pregnancy belly – Twins


Need a preggy belly for your as a film costume, pranking, photo shoots and whatnot? This is what you need! Choose from these espresso-colored fake pregnancy bellies only from the best, Fake a Baby!

Grab a fake pregnant belly now! :) 

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