That "Gotcha!" Moment with a Fake Birth Announcement –


That "Gotcha!" Moment with a Fake Birth Announcement

The fake newspaper birth announcement prank is a surefire way of creating a lasting impression among your friends, neighbors and colleagues - and even your loved ones! 

Resigning from work? No need to impress them with a grand send-off party! More so, it's not ideal to just leave without a bang. Make your last day at work a memorable one! Let a fake birth announcement circulate around the office. If you're a lady, then this is a funny gag that will shock them for sure. You'd be surprised that some of them might create a gossip by thinking that you're gonna leave your job because you're preggers. Who cares? They will be the one to embarass themselves after anyways! If your boss doesn't allow you to have that immediate resignation, then this fake birth announcement may help. But be sure to divulge the truth afterwards, as problems may surely arise! Remember, this is to be only used for entertainment purposes only, so make sure to spare yourself from any issues whatsoever! But this will indisputably guarantee a memorable experience for them that will make them remember you when you leave!

Wanna pull this off at home? Prank your brother. Show a fake birth announcement with his name and the fake names of his real parents, and see how her reacts. OMG! Will he punch the wall or cry furiously? Post this up on Facebook with your name on it, and with the popular celebs' name as your parents - and you'll be surprised how people could actually waste their time commenting about it! :)

For non-pranking ways, most of our customers also order this to serve as a keepsake for the actual birth announcement for their newborns. Missed submitting your birth announcement on your local publication? No worries! Have your baby's birth announcement get printed on real newspaper, get it framed, then you get a birth announcement instantaneously!

Still searching for that genuine-looking fake newspaper birth announcement that looks and feels as if it's professionally created? Here you go... Personalized Fake Newspaper Birth Announcement

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