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Revolutionize your party or event by giving it a sudden upgrade, not by spending too much nor with the use of extravagant elements. Make your guests feel ultimately special and let them see your party as the most unforgettable gathering they have ever set foot on! Leave a mark and indulge on their joyful response and feedback, months or even years after your party. But how can you make it possible? Grand and marvelous designs may impress them big time, but chances are, more notable happenings may make an impact on them afterwards, leaving them to forget your birthday party or not even make them reminisce about what happened on the occasion which you have painstakingly planned and organized.

But don't feel so helpless! With the right planning and a clear goal, you can certainly achieve a brilliant party sans the sweat and expensive costs! If your aim is to have an enjoyable time with your guests, then pulling off a prank on your birthday will surely guarantee a treasured party of yours. It's obvious that you don't want to be super stressed out by setting up an intricate prank right? And you don't want to spend too much for a huge prank of course. A fake pregnancy prank is becoming a favorite birthday and bachelorette party prank that is very easy to pull off, - and will only leave you spending for as low as $9.95!

Tell your parents that you're pregnant on your birthday party with a fake pregnancy test prank. Make sure to film it, while your sibling slash accomplice helps you make the scene even more dramatic. Reveal to your aunt and uncle that you're on your 2nd trimester by showing them the crystal-clear images of your baby on a fake ultrasound. Sky's the limit in developing ways on how to incorporate a prank on your party. Be creative! :)

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