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Tips to Have a Truly Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone! Here at Fake a Baby, we always strive to provide topnotch gag gifts and novelty items with an aim to make YOU incredibly happy. We want to make people smile, but also wish them to achieve a genuine kind of joy that will give them that much-needed boost to face the year ahead with confidence towards success.

A list of ways on how to have an amazing new year could go on and on. It may become endless, as different people have different personalities, interests, backgrounds and aspirations. A recent survey even showed that only half of the people who set aims for another year are able to achieve their objectives. But trying to simplify everything and setting realistic expectations could be helpful in achieving something big and great.

Here are FIVE simple, yet remarkable tips to triumph over the challenges ahead and become successful this 2016. :)


1. Forgive and Let Go

It's surprising how powerful our emotions can be. Remember the time when you woke up feeling so all pumped-up, and were able to present that monthly report in front of your colleagues with flying colors? How about the moment when you felt so vibrant in the morning, that you were capable of completing the multitude of tasks that you've needed to face throughout the day? It was exhilarating, right? The same thing goes when you're harboring ill feelings and negativity. It's impossible to forget those who have wronged you, but you certainly have the power not to let those negative thoughts devour you. What's done is done. Forgive people, forgive yourself and let go of past mistakes! The New Year is a new chance for you to learn from your mistakes and create new successes. You need to be at peace with yourself by letting go of what's ugly.

2. Learn a course.

You love yourself immensely, right? Try to further improve your abilities by learning a course that will enhance your productivity at work, or attend a training of something that interests you. This is a great chance for you to discover your passion, express your creativity, or perhaps become an opportunity for you to create a business that will make you uber rich! :)

3. Travel

This is definitely a rewarding and refreshing activity that will make you realize that life is beautiful all along. Exploring a new place that you have never set foot on will increase your knowledge and exposure in culture, native dishes, and awesome attractions. You will become appreciative of the distinct beauty of different places. Revisiting a location and meeting up with pals you've last met several decades ago will bring nostalgic emotions and will allow you to rekindle friendships.

4. Pull off a prank.

Laughter is the best medicine and I'm sure that a regular dose of a harmless and funny prank will surely brighten everyone's day! Do you know that being a kill-joy and all that negativity easily affect others? Then doing something hilarious, lighthearted and comical will surely have an effect on everyone! Make your cheery vibe and optimism be contagious!

5. Be Healthy

So how do you accomplish all of the above while you're ailing, huh? Make your health your topnotch priority. Simple tasks like having healthy picks, opting for vegetables and fruits, choosing water over sodas, limiting your alcohol intake and exercising regularly are just some of the little things that will make you extraordinarily healthy. You'll be surprised that you'll start losing weight, crave for healthy dishes over sinful meals and you won't get sick easily.

How about you? What's your New Year's Resolution? 

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