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Celebrity Fake Pregnancy Pranks


Nothing can ever stop the ultimate fun-loving and gleeful spirit of those people from doing their hilarious gags and totally outrageous pranks! It's as if finding joy in those wacky activities and the power to make someone laugh gives them a different kind of fulfillment and ecstasy! Even the A-listers in Hollywood don't even think twice in accomplishing a funny antic towards their friends and family, and fans! Many celebrities have also pulled off  incredible fake pregnancy jokes, while some of them were victimized by this legendary, albeit crazy, gag. Whether these famous celebs are the mean culprit, just an accomplice or the poor victim, one thing's for sure - they have totally made their loved ones and fans laugh out loud not only on April Fool’s Day, but on a dull, regular day! 


2. Jimmy Kimmel

And the "Most Priceless Reaction Award" goes to... Aunt Chippy! See how Jimmy Kimmel, with the helping hand of his cousin Sal, were able to achieve a super successful and completely ridiculous fake sonogram video prank towards Aunt Chippy!


3. Catherine Lowe

Simple and classy. Look at how Catherine Lowe accomplished an effortless and really tasteful fake pregnancy belly prank!


4. Howie Mendel

Sometimes, pranking our loved ones gives us a sense of confidence, knowing that they won't kill us or perhaps sue us after we make them the lucky victims of our stress-inducing joke. See how Howie handled his son’s “shocking revelation", who happened to be just pulling them off with a pregnancy test from his sister who's actually pregnant! If you don't have a pregnant family member, no need to make a fuss! A fake pregnancy test that will always yield a false positive is very easy to be ordered at Fake a Baby. There are actually 3 fake pregnancy test types to choose from! :)


5. Lindsay Lohan

Well she deleted her April Fool’s Day fake pregnancy tweet, but it didn't spare her from the superfluity of reactions from her fellow celebs, fans and bashers! If you’ve gained inspiration from her fake pregnancy tweet prank, including a photo of a fake pregnancy test strip or fake 2D or 3D ultrasound is definitely more convincing!

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