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Perfect Christmas Pranks


The yuletide season is just around the corner! Are you about to rehearse for your Christmas performance? All set for an intense shopping and gift-wrapping? Burning those fats to prepare yourself for the lavish, plentiful dishes this holiday? You might be forgetting something. With all those usual elements of the holiday season, make sure to give your usual celebration its much needed lift!

Running out of simple, but effective pranks this Christmas? This list of fantastic Christmas pranks will guarantee a lively and never-boring holiday this 2015!

1. Christmas Fake X-Ray Prank

Text your buddies that you cannot possibly join them at your group's Christmas get-together because, well, uh, uhm, you are, uhm, let’s see, uh, ok, you are at the hospital's emergency room! The doctor just found something long and hard inside you... Oh boy!

2. Christmas Fake DNA Prank

On Christmas day, muster your courage to pull off a prank towards a family member, and be strong enough to face getting roasted afterwards! :D Tell your dear brother or sissy that they're adopted, or better yet, YOU are adopted! Asking your mom and dad to become your "accomplice" will make it even more shocking and funnier!

3. Christmas Pregnancy Belly Prank

A favorite bachelorette party prank is now making waves in becoming a highly-adored holiday prank! You don't have to wait for the glorious month of April to express your Fool's Day craze! Wear FakeABaby's fake Santa belly and trick your relatives whom you haven't seen for quite sometime that you're preggers! For sure, they would have a hard time giving an appropriate reaction on Christmas Day! :D

4. Christmas Just-Given Birth Prank

Let your annoying officemate, sibling or buddy see their long-time crush's name on newspaper - at the Birth Announcement section, and catch their tears rolling down their cheeks in despair! Aww…. :’(

5. Christmas Fake Ultrasound Video Prank

Experience the prank pulled off my Jimmy Kimmel towards her Aunt Chip! LOL!

Accomplish a funny business this Christmas and bring your family and friends into a lovely kind of friskiness! Pick a Christmas prank gag gift now at Fake a Baby!

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