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10 Fetus Genders to Choose From

ImageCredit: Photo bySerge Bertasius Photography from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Wow. Just wow!

Speaking of gags, Fake a Baby always tries its best to bring witticism a notch higher! With its wide range of funny gag gifts, a fake ultrasound prank is definitely an exciting skylarking to try! Imagine the horror that your mom, dad and siblings express when they see your fake ultrasound - a strong evidence and proof that you are already pregnant. But what if something weird and odd is shown on your fake 2D ultrasound? What if your idea of adding another kind of astonishment, on top of a shocking news is possible?

Indeed, it's very much achievable! With the fake 2D ultrasounds from Fake a Baby, you will not only benefit from the authentic look of the images on the ultrasound and you're not only limited to getting satisfied by the genuine feel of it, not to mention the security hologram that you can add to your document for that extra look of legitimacy, but you will absolutely have so much fun while choosing among the 10 fetus genders - brat, alien, jerk like his father - and so much more!

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