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Fake Sonogram Video Prank

This is it! The long wait is finally over! Make a statement in completing the funniest and the most side-splitting prank idea ever conceived. Fake a Baby's Fake Sonogram Videos will really bring you, your lucky victim and the fortunate people around you into heaps of fun and excitement as they watch your baby, or that of your accomplice or victim's little one move inside the tummy on vid. Take pleasure while hearing their Ohhh's and Aww's as they express joy and delight with your baby's adorable and cute movements! Oh, if only they knew what’s going on! :D 

Tell your granny or aunt that your baby is very active, or perhaps dancing on video! See how her dismay transforms into delight, then to sheer anger when you reveal the truth - that she has been Fake Sonogram Pranked!

If you had a great time personalizing the information on your Fake a Baby fake ultrasound paper, customizing this Fake Sonogram video is super easy as well! Just choose the stage of pregnancy, make up the doctor and hospital's name, pick your baby's gender. Take liberty to add anything on the comments section to make your fake sonogram video more attractive and the next thing you know, you’re all having hard a time breathing with so much laughter!

This is an item that should not be missed on your Prank of the Year activity, bridal, bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so much more!

Don't worry, this Fake Sonogram Video does not show our website name so feel free to own the moment of your best prank to date! :D