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A Shock After a Shock

Become the focal point of a birthday celebration or perhaps at your boyfriend's birthday party! What could be the best way but to distract, shock or even temporarily distress them? Well, a prank will definitely keep them hooked! What about pulling off a gag towards your boyfriend? We're pretty sure that he will be all ears to what you gotta say! Plan for a fantastic storyboard in incorporating a fetal ultrasound prank to your birthday program, and all of you will end up laughing* for hours, and for the days, even years to come!

The popular fake 2D ultrasounds and the massively famous fake 3D ultrasound will render your victims speechless. Make a pregnancy announcement in the middle of your own party. Maybe prepare a bottle of champagne for that precious toast? And serve those cupcakes with a note that "You've just been pranked by the birthday celebrant!" Truly a shock after a shock, LOL!

Let your hubby or boyfriend frolic in stupor and hysteria as you surprise him that you're pregnant - with twins! Enjoy while he wallow in disbelief and confusion, but don't let him suffer to much - announce that it was just a prank and that you wanted to surprise him with so much hilarity, topped with mischief, well, because you just love him!

Choose between a fake 2D ultrasound and a fake 3D ultrasound - they're actually the same in making your fetal ultrasound prank extremely successful. The fake ultrasound from Fake a Baby are made of premium materials, with clear prints and totally legitimate looking design and accents. No one will ever know it’s fake, and no need to even say “Shhh!” (: