The Best Fake Ultrasound Video Prank –


The Best Fake Ultrasound Video Prank


The need to pull off a gag, to try being creative and funny at the same time, and to make other people laugh are undeniably great motivations to brighten our day and boost our appetite for life! Expressing ourselves through humor and artistry, and witnessing how people smile, chuckle and incessantly laugh afterwards provides us with a therapeutic feeling—we do not only make other people have fun, but we achieve a different kind of enjoyment and elation when we horse around, pull off that perfect prank, or by simply cracking up a joke. Really, even the most boring or the corniest jokes of all time often have that tinge of humor in them.

So, have you now realized that you absolutely need to prank someone? Then that's perfect!

FakeABaby is pleased to help you fulfill that inner yearning, and to assist you in devising that much-awaited prank that you've been wanting to pull off!

Both the fun-loving ladies and the adventurous gentlemen will both have a good time pulling off a Fake Ultrasound Video Prank!

Women can goof around with a fake ultrasound video prank by showing it to their friends, parents, family members, significant others or anyone who needs a good, uplifting laugh! Personalize it by choosing the stage of pregnancy and by providing a fake doctor’s name, and hospital or clinic name. Pick your baby's gender: there are more than 20 gender options to choose from! And provide any other info that you want to appear on your fake ultrasound video, making it truly 'yours'!

Men, pull off a prank in the most stress-free way! Usually, guys have that energy, drive and totally wild imagination when it comes to tomfooleries but if you do not have the time to structure a complex prank, then this one's for you! Let your significant other or best friend be your accomplice in this wondrous fake ultrasound video prank: then trick your prank victim that you are the father! If your girlfriend has been notorious pulling off a painful prank to you ever since, why not shock her with this? Create a random name for this fake sonogram video prank, and teach her a lesson! But don't forget to take her to dinner and give her a lovely gift to make up for that totally crazy prank!

There are endless ways and plenty of creative ideas to spice up this fake sonogram video prank, for entertainment purposes only. This is your chance to be playful, in the most hilarious, simplest, and safest way!

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